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Someone owes me money. Can a private investigator help?

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Can a Private Detective  Find Someone Who Owes Me Money?


It goes without saying that when someone owes you money, there’s a chance that they might not be in a rush to pay it back. This can make catching up with them a little tricky, as they may not be on the electoral roll and if you don’t have a valid address for them, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you can kiss goodbye to your cash. The good news is that a private investigator can help in situations like these. We have many more sources of information to find someone that owes you money than just the electoral roll. Finding the person is the first step in getting back what is owed to you.

If you want to find someone that owes you money, you’ll need to be in possession of their last known address. That’s why it’s always important to get lots of personal data like this from any customers you get at the outset, as it will give a professional private investigator more to go on. Fail to do this and you put yourself at a disadvantage. Too many times we have a potential client call us to find someone that owes money and they have very little information on that debtor in the first place. the more information you can provide to start with, the better chance we are at finding them.


Information You Should Always Ask For


Of course, you can’t stop a debtor from moving addresses, but by taking as much personal data at the beginning, you make it possible for them to still be found. The more information that you have, the more chance you’ll have of a private detective agency finding the person in question and getting your money back.

When providing goods or services to any new customer, you should be at least taking:

  • Their full name – including middle names
  • The residential address, as well as any business address
  • Date of birth

The problem with small businesses is that they can disappear really quickly and pop up somewhere else, which is why it’s so vital to ensure that you have their home address. This is particularly pertinent when the business in question stops trading, as when you only have an industrial unit address to go by, it can be something of an information dead-end.


Hiring a Private Investigator  for Debtor Tracing


When a professional is given enough information about the person they’re looking for, good firms are able to use various different tracing systems to locate the person that owes you money. It’s often better to let a licensed professional take care of these matters, not least because of the fact that you risk doing something illegal due to not having a firm grip of what Australian laws permit and what they don’t. A licensed private investigator also has access to a number of databases and proprietary information that the public don’t.

What you absolutely don’t want to happen is for your case to go to court and then have it prejudiced by something you did whilst pursuing the debtor. Best to leave it to the highly trained experts you’ll find at a reputable private detective agency, as they typically have an encyclopedic knowledge of what you can and can’t do when tracing someone.


Join the Many Aussies Who Are Turning to PI Firms


There was once a time when people sneered at the idea of using a private investigator for personal and financial issues like these, but the modern industry is fully regulated and the firms that operate in it are highly professional, ethical and perhaps most important of all, effective.

So, if you’ve got an issue with a debtor who’s gone AWOL, don’t worry, as there is help on hand. At Integral Investigations, we have years of experience in debtor tracing and we have the skills and expertise to get them found fast. If you’d like to know more about us and how we do things, visit us online at and take a look around for more general information.

However, if you would like to speak to us directly about your issue, we’re ready and waiting to take your call. You can reach us on 02 9460 4988 in Sydney or on 07 5646 9716 in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and we’ll show you how easy and stress-free the whole process can be. Or we monitor our email address at almost all of the time.


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