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About Integral Investigations:

Integral Investigations is made up of an experienced team of private investigators and management. You can feel confident that your problem will be treated with compassion and integrity. Integral Investigations staff have satisfied all government training and licensing requirements. All our private investigators are trained by government accredited providers, police checked and fully licensed.

The Managing Director himself will almost always take your phone call and guide you through the process and help organise your private investigation.

Our private detectives are honest, reliable and focused on service to our customers. They are problem-solvers who have access to a vast network of information sources and are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic technology. They are a dedicated team of investigation professionals.

Investigations – How Will It Work For You?

Your first contact will always be with the principal investigator who will discuss your situation and make recommendations for a specialist private detective for your particular circumstances. The principal investigator will provide continual information and feedback to you during the investigation. Information is detailed and confidential.

Whatever evidence you require, Integral Investigations will provide it upon request – documentation, video, a final report – they are all part of the service.

How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost?

The cost of a private investigation varies on your exact requirements. Some assignments are priced on a set rate based on a set result that the customer is looking for – for example most missing persons investigations, or database research can be fixed once we have discussed your goals. As another example, if you come to asking who might own a particular property, or might be in control of certain company, then these sorts of things can often be a set price. Most private investigations however are charged at an hourly rate because we don’t actually know how long the investigation may take – charging an hourly rate is the only fair way for both you and for us.

We may only need a few hours in the field, or on some assignments the time taken can roll into weeks and even months, so an hourly rate is the only fair way to charge for all parties concerned.

General surveillance rates commence at $125 per hour all inclusive of mileage, travel time, video, report and regular updates. Be a bit careful here as many of our competitors charge a lesser hourly rate but then add things like travel time to and from the starting point and mileage traveled. They’ll even slug you for video, photos and report, so you just can’t predict the end cost. Our fees include everything for the set hourly rate – the only extra being the taxman’s cut of GST. The hourly rate can increase for other field based work depending on the specialty involved, but contact us further for other specilaities and the pricing that may apply.

Please contact Integral Investigations to discuss your investigative needs. Your inquiry will be answered by the principal investigator who has almost thirty years experience in organising investigations in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and all around Australia and the world.

Our Quick and Easy Process

Let's Make this Crystal Clear

Integral Investigations offers a number of private detective services including surveillance, missing person investigations, criminal investigations, fraud, internet research, find my family and locating biological parents. You just need to follow the steps below.


Make An Appointment

If you'd prefer a face to face consultation we are happy to organise this for you at our Sydney or Gold Coast locations. We will want to have a quick chat on the phone or email in the first instance, just to make sure we can assist. There are some things we just can't do!


Talk to an Investigator

Confused on which services you need to solve your concerns? Have a chat with a private investigator Sydney and let the expert in the field guide you regarding what can and cannot be done to help with your situation. We'll get you the best advice so that you can decide with clarity.


Your Problem Solved

The final conquest! Solving your problem is a priority of the private investigator Sydney. Yes, we are a business and we do charge for our services, but we are here to get you results. We are here to help.

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