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Internet Investigations

Internet investigations are a MASSIVE part of the private investigation industry. In fact, our computer research team are on the internet all day, every day, hunting down all sorts of information. 

We might be required to carry our relatively straightforward property searches, or find the company directors or officeholders of a business. Then there are all sorts of information sources available for locating a person. 

Then of course there is the ugly side of the internet where you may have been scammed, trolled, harassed or hated upon.  Not all private investigators are adept in computer researching skills and internet investigations, many guys are surveillance operatives and not trained or experienced in the computer research aspect of the industry. Our Managing Director does most of the computer research himself, and has been doing so for nearly 30 years. Imagine having that experience in internet investigations to call on!

There are literally dozens of areas where internet research comes into play for a private investigation. Some of the more common avenues of internet investigations are:

  • Locating a missing person
  • Researching the identity and location of a biological parent or child you may have put up for adoption
  • Who is behind a company or a business
  • Reverse searching names, addresses, phone numbers and other contact points
  • Who owns a property – searches available in every state
  • Who rents a property
  • Check on the occupants of an address, or a residential history. What are the recorded names at an address and how long have they been there
  • Who is related to who
  • Family history
  • What is the name attached to a phone number or an email address
  • Identifying an anonymous party
  • Is the person you met on a dating site real? Or a Catfish?
  • Ascertaining who is behind a fake profile
  • Has your computer been compromised by a hacker or by another party using spyware
  • Financial information
  • Criminal and civil court listings
  • Website ownership
  • Death records

A private investigator does NOT get access to a slew of other information for privacy reasons.  Some of the information we can’t access includes:

The internet is a big place with a lot of information. If you have any questions or would like our internet investigations research team to look into a matter for you, just call or email using the details below. 

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