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Integral Investigations,  established for nearly 30 years as a private investigator in Sydney and on the Gold Coast, offer a range of different private investigation services. Our operators can provide comprehensive services for:

Missing Persons, Surveillance, De-bugging, Infidelity, Background and Asset Checks, Family Law and Custody Investigations, Forensic Telephone and Computer Investigations, Undercover, Fraud, Liability, Criminal, and Unsolved Cases. We can also look into just about anything else that doesn’t fit into these categories – we specialise in desktop investigations where all sorts of information is available.

Missing Persons

We generally see missing persons as misplaced persons – they aren’t really ‘missing’ – you’ve just lost contact with them or don’t know how to find them.
Lost contact with someone? Looking for a person mentioned in a will? Trying to locate a debtor? Looking for long lost family? Trying to identify biological parents?
With basic information from a client, we can usually find people 8 out of 10 times for a minimal cost of around $1100, but please contact us with your inquiry and we can give you a better idea of the likely cost depending on your individual circumstances.

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Often surveillance is one of the only legal avenues of investigation to gather information. Using state-of-the-art technology we can gather video evidence for insurance purposes, court requirements, or to document daily movements of your spouse, employee, or business associate. Carrying out surveillance is by far, the most common and accurate way of gathering information. Integral Investigations are the surveillance specialists and have been for over 30 years. Remember, a picture doesn’t lie.

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Private investigator services in sydney | Private detective service in sydney

De-bugging and TSCM

Do you feel someone is listening to you or monitoring your movements? We can search for illegal bugs, hidden listening devices and hidden video cameras. Set your mind at rest! Our affiliate electronics experts will use their years of expertise and TSCM equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure you haven’t been compromised.

**Please be advised that we DO NOT install illegal devices or computer programs as part of our investigation services – we only work within state and federal laws.

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Infedelity investigation in syndey, private investigator service syndey

Infidelity – Relationships

With discretion and accuracy we can identify unknown partners, track movements, offer surveillance and capture video evidence of your loved ones. Client discretion is guaranteed. Along with our sister agency, Lipstick Investigations, we would be Sydney’s largest agency regarding infidelity based matters. We truly are the relationship specialists with decades of experience and understanding.

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Internet Investigations

The world is now all internet. The internet is the basis of nearly all investigations nowadays – be it infidelity issues, harassment, dating site scams or a multitude of other issues. We also have available a forensic computer technician who is capable of recovering lost data from your computer, tablet or telephone. Integral Investigations KNOW the internet. Contact us a for a discussion on your particular problems and we can then tell you how we can help with our investigation services.

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Family law and custody private detetcive in sydney

Family Law and Custody

For peace of mind…do you want to check on the children when they are not in your care? Do you want to verify that custody conditions are being met? We can confirm that your kids are OK or provide evidence of misconduct by the other party for court proceedings. Have you found yourself in a family law case and need evidence to assist your case? Our private detectives are here to help.

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Background and Asset Checks

All background checks are dealt with and documented in a professional manner. We have experience with legal, business and employment checks. Our service is thorough and efficient. Background checks come in different levels depending on the person / entity to be investigated, so call us now with some details of what you are trying to achieve and our lead investigator will advise accordingly.

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Unsolved Cases

Police not doing enough to help? We can pick up where they leave off and offer you help without all the bureaucratic hindrances. Our investigators offer a personalised service for all cases. Our only limit in these cases is your budget – we aren’t tied down to other cases paid for by the public purse – we can put as much investigative resource into an assignment as a client requires.

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We can offer a personalised service that uncovers what you want to know. We can investigate the truth by going undercover. We can help with internal theft in business, drug-related activities, religious sect infiltration and and many other scenarios.

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Farud investigation services in sydney, private investigator sydney


Fraud is regarded as the No 1 growth crime in the world today. Our fraud investigation services are available in our Sydney and Gold Coast offices and via affiliates around Australia – and the world. If accuracy of information is what you require then we can investigate. We can gather evidence so that legal proceedings may be brought, or appeals made. Be it workplace fraud, internet fraud, or fraud by business partners, let us investigation the issue.

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Complex situations of a criminal nature requiring careful investigations are our specialty. We have at our disposal experienced ex-police who are well practiced in these sorts of private investigations. Do you have an investigation under way where the police aren’t acting as fast as you would like? Or are you in the need of a criminal defence investigation? Enquire now.

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We can investigate the details of all liability cases. We have investigated public liability, product damage and recall, company liability and private liability.

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Best Private Investigation in Australia

The private investigation industry in Australia has undergone considerable change in the last couple of decades and most of the cowboys have been shut down. Licensed operators must meet stringent training requirements, be checked thoroughly and be licensed by the Police Commissioner in NSW and The Department of Fair Trading in Queensland. These new rules mean complete scrutiny and high standards. So before you commit to an investigation firm, do your research – don’t just believe the company website – go to the internet and look around – only use a firm with a strong history and positive reports. We are proud to say that we have been in the industry for a long time with only good things said about us.

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