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Child Custody and Private Investigators

Child Custody | Private Investigator Sydney David King

Child Custody Battles & How a Private Investigator  Can Help


When relationships break down and children are involved, the battle of child custody can be trying for even the most level-headed and reasonable people. Being a good parent is sometimes not enough to win custody of a child, with other mitigating circumstances playing an important part.


What muddies the waters greatly is when the facts are disputed and that’s when a private investigator can be worth their weight in gold, as the information they can uncover can significantly strengthen your child custody case. If you’re someone who’s going through a separation, it’s important to know what the laws are and how they apply to you, so that you’re fully prepared for the investigation ahead. Of course, your child custody case is run by a registered solicitor and your advice should be received from them. Once you know what direction your particular case is heading then you can involve a private investigator. Your investigator will then decide what the best direction is to proceed depending on the circumstances of your child custody case.


Often though, surveillance is used to gather evidence of the treatment of the child whist with the other partner, or what the lifestyle of the partner is when the child isn’t around.  Many people claim not to be in another relations affecting financial circumstances and this is where surveillance is invaluable. If we find a person in a relationship when they have claimed not to be, a court will frown on this and consider it withholding truth in previously sworn affidavits ……… this can greatly affect your potential results if your ex-partner is lying to the court.


Let’s now take a look at just some of the things you should know.


The Family Law Act 1975


As a reputable private detective agency will tell you, the Family Law Act of 1975 is central to any custody battle, as it sets out the need to focus on protecting the child in question. This law doesn’t address any element of parental rights, but focuses on putting the needs and interests at the very heart of any decision that is ultimately made.


There was a time when you’d encounter terms like ‘sole custody’ and ‘joint custody’, but that all changed back in 2007. Legislation was introduced that brought in terminology like ‘primary carer’ or ‘the parent the child will live’ to make things clearer and easier to understand. So, you should make sure you familiarise yourself with what all of these terms mean before legal proceedings get underway.


Child Custody – A Shared Parental Responsibility


The Family Law Act sets out the fact that there is shared responsibility between the two parents involved, but what it doesn’t guarantee is that each parent will get equal time with their child. The aforementioned family dispute resolution process is where this is agreed and the information uncovered by a private detective agency  can tip the balance in your favour.


Child safety is obviously the biggest consideration in a child custody matter, so the decision-makers will do everything they can to protect them from any kind of abuse or harm. So, if your partner has a history of violence or abuse, the right to see the child can be revoked entirely – but most often this kind of claim is contested.


Let a Private Investigator  Strengthen Your Case


So, if you’re currently going through a separation with children involved, we’d recommend talking to a private investigator if you have any concerns about the outcome of the dispute process or you’re worried about your child’s safety. At Integral Investigations, we have close to thirty years of experience and expertise in assisting people in this situation, so we can help with providing evidence of neglect or carrying out background checks on those who may be involved in the life of your child.


What’s more, we have a good understanding of all relevant child custody laws, so you can rely on us to steer you in the right direction when required. To find out more about us and how we work, visit us online at where you’ll also see our full range of private investigation services.


However, if you’d like to get started and talk to us directly about the issue you’d like help with, call us on 02 9460 4988 or send the Managing Director an email at and he’ll be more than happy to help provide some clarity on what a private investigator can do in a child custody situation.



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