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Welcome to Integral Investigations, one of Australia’s most respected private investigation firms. We were located in North Sydney just over the Harbour Bridge from the Sydney CBD where we were since 1997. After our long-term home was redeveloped we relocated into York St Sydney. We also have a manned office on the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland.

We have been carrying our private investigation services under the very same management right around Australia since starting in 1996. Our customers come from across Sydney and the Gold Coast as well as around Australia, as well as the United States of America and the United Kingdom, Asia, and Europe. No assignment is too big or too small and over that period of time, we have pretty much seen every scenario imaginable come through the door………

The methods used to gain results for our customers are certainly varied (to be discussed individually in later articles). We are licensed by the police in each state, and we are limited by strict Australian laws strict so we aren’t prepared to plant listening devices or use vehicle trackers like other private detectives do in the movies.
There are two main ranges of private investigation used in Australia.

Number One is surveillance. Surveillance is literally the art of following a person about and recording their movements – where they go – who they meet – what they do. This is the most common form of investigation that Integral Investigations will use. If you need to establish an employee is not working to their full extent, or what your business competitors are up to, investigate a fraud or crime, if your partner is cheating or committing infidelity or if you need information for an upcoming Family Law case then this is often the best way to document the events that are happening. Video evidence is irrefutable!

• The second method we use to gather information is known as factual investigation. This entails pretty much anything that is not surveillance! For example, we will carry out computer inquiries from public and private databases, monitor social media such as Facebook and Twitter, we will analyse computer and telephone information, and we will go out and talk to people the get the answers you need. This type of investigation can be used to carry out background checks and to locate missing persons

Of course, there are some cases that require an individual specialty – something completely different. There aren’t too many investigations cases we have not been able to carry out, and there have been some AMAZING assignments over the years. We wish we could tell you, but of course, the privacy and discretion required by our customers is paramount.

Stay tuned for regular updates. We will definitely keep you informed. If you have any questions in the meantime, just call us on +61 411 853 111 or email us at


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    1. integralinvestigations

      Hi Crystal,

      Integral Investigations specialise in finding biological parents as you will see by some of the television shows we have been on. The chance of success depends on what sort of information you can provide us to start with. Ideally a full name and age and an area of residence even if it was thirty years ago. We can do it with less information, but the more you can supply the more affordable it will be.

      In the first instance it would be best to email our expert in this field directly at with the information you have available and he’ll be able to give you an idea of what your chances are. A straightforward assignment can cost as little as $1100.

      The Integral Team

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