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Another very important factor when it comes to visual observations is the timing. Mostly the private investigators are left with no option about the timing as they have to act as per the routine of the suspect. Often a client will know more about the routine of the suspect than the investigator (at least to start with) so it is with consultation with the client that we decide what sort of resources we put into a surveillance operation. Of course there are assignments where there is little known about the person being investigated (which is why we need to look into them) so some investigations can take quite a period of time.

Something else to consider is that private investigators can only work within laws – we aren’t a bypass of our nations’ laws. Surveillance is one of the few legal avenues of gathering information that can assist in decisions relating to relationships and infidelity, business matters, legal cases and insurance situations.

There are many private investigators providing excellent surveillance services, but of course some are better than others. Integral Investigations with offices in Sydney and on the Gold Coast is one of the most highly reputed private detective firms in Australia.

Licensed for nearly 30 years Integral Investigations performs surveillance using the most advanced and sophisticated equipment such as vehicles, digital / video cameras, and sophisticated communications equipment. The licensed operatives have an assortment of vehicles fit for every situation. A detailed report as well as video is provided on the subject’s movement and actions once the investigation is complete. For more information visit us at

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Integral Investigations offers a number of private detective services including surveillance, missing person investigations, criminal investigations, fraud, internet research, find my family and locating biological parents. You just need to follow the steps below.


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