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Is Your Partner Cheating While Away On Business?

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Cheating While Away On Business 

There are many reasons why a partner might be cheating while away on business. Perhaps a spouse might believe that they’re not having all of their needs met or maybe it’s just for the thrill and excitement of it all. Often though, it’s about opportunity and if your partner works away from home a lot, there can be an awful lot of it, meaning that you may need the help of a private investigator to confirm or deny your suspicions.


To a cheater, travelling on business offers the perfect cover to get up to a spot of out-of-town philandering and when you start seeing the signs that something might be happening, it’s almost impossible to find out the truth – short of them outright admitting it which of course is a rare phenomenon. However, there are things you can do to discover if your partner is cheating while away on business, as you’ll find by calling a reputable private investigation agency .


Common Signs to Look Out For


Catching a cheater in the act whilst on a business trip is quite different to uncovering it in your own locality, however, in this unique, ever-changing setting, there are still some common signs to look out for.


  • Their Trips Gradually Getting Longer


A telling sign that you might need to call in a private investigator is when your partner’s trips away are getting gradually longer over time. Those 1-2 night stays turn into 3 or 4 days and before you know it, they’ve turned into week-long affairs (pardon the pun) and you’re never asked to go along for the ride.


It’s quite a common thing for cheating partners to add extra days onto what are legitimate business trips to spend some time indulging their fling – so watch out for this possibility.


  • You’re Not Asked Along to Partner-Friendly Events

Another reason why alarm bells should start ringing is when your partner tells you they’re going on a business trip that’s clearly suitable for spouses and families, like company picnics or annual company cricket games and you’re not invited!


They could say that it’s a money-saving measure or that they found out too late to bring along a ‘plus one’, but the private detective inside you should be getting a little suspicious about it.


  • Missing Scheduled Calls Home


Or what about when your spouse fails to call home at the arranged time or forgets altogether? Anyone who’s been on a bona-fide business trip will tell you that they can be very lonely, so when the opportunity arises to get in touch with you at home, it’s something that most people look forward to.


Forgetting to ring at a certain time is one thing, but when they forget to call you at all, you have to ask yourself what it is that they’re doing that’s interesting enough for them to forget about calling their partner? Maybe not enough on its own to confirm they are cheating while away on business, but if other evidence exists – it can be telling.


Getting Answers From a Licensed Private Investigator


So, if your gut is telling you that something’s not right and you’d like to know one way or the other whether your partner is cheating while away on business, it’s time to call a a trusted and experienced private investigator agency. Using their expert skills, they can legally surveil your spouse, checking their movements and providing photographic evidence of cheating while away on business if required.


Integral Investigations is based in both Sydney and the Gold Coast, but our reach extends right around Australia with trusted contractors and affiliates in all capitol cities. We can also assist with regional areas but we do find we normally have to send a private investigator from a metropolitan area which can add the cost a bit. However, it is much better having someone from well outside the town carrying out the observations, as everybody knows everybody in the smaller country towns – there is no way a local investigator can get away with local surveillance.


What’s more, investigating if your partner is cheating while away on business is a subtle way of finding out that won’t wreck the trust your partner has in you and you’ll get the information you need to either take action or sleep more soundly at night. So, if this all sounds familiar and you’d like to know more about the methods used by private investigator firms in Australia, you should check out our website at and take a look around for more information. We also have more information available at our sister agency at  and for our VIP clients see


However, if you’d simply like some advice about how we might be able to help, we’re more than happy to oblige and you can get in touch by calling us directly today on 02 9460 4988 in Sydney or on the Gold Coast / Brisbane on  07 5646 9716  or email us at for a prompt response to your inquiry.

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