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Infidelity Investigations Service

Infidelity investigations are one of our main areas of private investigation. Relationships are the most emotional aspect of a persons’ life and when a physical or emotional relationship sours, things can get very tough indeed. 


Integral Investigation is the leader in dealing with relationship investigations and infidelity matters – sharing the same Managing Director as Australia’s most well-known infidelity investigation company, Lipstick Investigations. Between our two agencies we have carried out literally thousands of investigations around cheating and infidelity over three decades. Our experience is unsurpassed in this area. 

Usually a client will come to us with a concern that their partner may be being unfaithful and it is up to the experts to prove one way or the other if this infidelity is in fact happening.  Our experience tells us that when a client makes that initial inquiry with us, that 80-90% of the time their intuition is correct and it is just a matter of time before an investigation will establish this fact.  Of course, if your partner isn’t cheating, you’ll still get the peace of mind to know that they aren’t cheating, and then you can try and relax and feel more secure in your relationship. 

Private investigators can’t carry out illegal activities, and we have to work within laws on how we go about an investigation so there is no way we will bug phones or hack into computers – that’s a bit out of the movies. One of the few avenues of investigation for an infidelity matter is visual surveillance. We will follow a person at times provided by a client and see where their partner is going, who they are meeting with, and what they are getting up to. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Your initial contact with us will almost always be with the Manging Director himself, and then we can talk about options and costings for your particular case. Once we have the action plan ready we can put the investigation into place and start reporting results. In an infidelity based assignment we understand how stressed and emotional you will be so we can provide timely updates as to what is happening during the surveillance periods – you won’t be left wondering.

Of course there are some infidelity based assignments that may not require surveillance, so if you have any questions about what a private investigator can and can’t do, or what might work for your particular scenario, just give the boss a call directly on 0411 853 111 and he’ll be happy to advise what might suit you the best.  We are only a phone call away. 

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