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Integral Investigations offers private investigation services throughout Australia. We have private investigators available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth. We pride ourselves on being professional and affordable.

When you are ready to hire a private investigator, contact us and we will schedule an initial meeting to discuss your case by phone. During this meeting, we will take the time to understand what your suspicions are and we will use the information you give to us as a platform for starting our work. W will then use one of our private investigators in your area to gather evidence that either confirms or corrects your suspicions.


Our aim is to find the truth you are seeking in a timely way while offering affordable rates. This means we discover from our clients what the expectations are. Then we work out a plan to investigate. We are reachable to our customers, frequently communicating the status of the case and what has been discovered during the investigation.


Firstly, it is important for the Integral Investigations team to get to know you and your situation. Entering into an investigation without a proper understanding or without a solid foundation of insight and briefing is simply unprofessional, unacceptable, and pointless. We urge you never to work with an organization that handles its work in this manner.

Then, we begin to plan our approach based on the information provided. The way in which we investigate your case depends upon the objective and results which you want to see. For example, we will approach a case in which child custody is at risk in a very different manner to the way in which we approach a child support case that is, assessing these objectives is key to deciding on which method we use.

With a solid foundation in place, we can begin the actual investigation. At Integral Investigations – as with any reputable integral investigators in Australia, we cannot initially put a deadline on the investigation. Some cases are solved very quickly, others take time.

What we can do, however, is update you regularly, keeping you informed about the progress of the investigation and its status. High-quality communication at every stage is a key feature of our service and is something to which we are committed as Australia’s private investigation specialists.


Did you know that a person goes missing every 15 minutes in Australia! There are approximately 38,000 people that are reported missing every year in the country. Each and every day many families have to deal with profound suffering, pain, and confusion when they come to realize that their loved ones have gone missing.

The reasons why people disappear are countless. Some intentionally go missing because of mental and emotional illnesses like anxiety and depression. Others go missing when they become a victim of a crime such as rape. We help you find your loved ones.


If you think your partner is cheating, there is no shame in trying to confirm whether they are or not. At worst you will be able to discover the truth and can move on in your life. At best, you will be at peace knowing that your partner can be trusted, reconfirming your investment in the relationship. It is a win-win situation and we at Integral Investigation are here to help you achieve it in a strictly confidential manner and with an outstanding degree of professionalism.


The breakup of a family is never easy. In some cases, the process will happen naturally, politely, and smoothly, with each party ending up with more or less the deal that they wanted. However, this is not always the case, for these times, you may need private investigation services.

Integral Investigations have a wide range of experience in handling these very sensitive matters with care, diligence, respect, and discretion. If you need a private investigator for a family law matter, we are the team that you need to come to.


When it comes to investigating insurance and corporate fraud you need to be enthusiastic in defending yourself or your company against false claims. Although insurance claims are meant to help people in need, several individuals intentionally take advantage of the system and commit fraud.

Although insurance fraud is on the rise, most business owners are not equipped or experienced enough to carry out a professional investigation. Whether you are trying to negate the validity of claims made against you or find out whether an employee is misinterpreting facts for their own gain, we are there for your help.


Wondering whether your partner or spouse is really working late? Maybe you are looking for a long-lost friend. Whatever your reason, you can count on our surveillance specialists to get the details you need. Our private investigators have handled a broad range of such surveillance requests.

We have had clients requesting us to help them fight custody battles, fraudulent claims for compensation, child abuse cases, and many more. Our private investigations are conducted with the highest level of expertise. We gather important evidence and help people find the solutions they require.


Since the market is saturated with spy gadgets, now more than ever, it is becoming easier for people to hear your private conversations or trace your location. If you feel your privacy is being compromised through the use of spying devices, you surely need professional help.


Our team of private investigators is hardworking, diligent, professional, and tactful. They know how to deal with sensitive matters such as these and have the experience to go after the truth. Whether you want to know if your spouse or girlfriend is cheating on you or want to find out if someone is involved in criminal activity, you need to contact us and get the best services that we have to offer you.

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