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Integral investigation Sydney offers different services for your case which are performed by private detectives. Our industry offers you private investigation throughout Australia. The thing to be proud of is we are a discreet and affordable private investigation industry in Australia. We provide comprehensive services which are as follows:

Missing Person Investigation

We have many cases of missing persons. Like misplaced persons, lost persons, people who are finding their biological lost parents, or looking for a long lost family. With the minimal information provided, we can find your people. Unusually, we can’t find your missing person. We can find people 8 out of 10 times. The private investigation industry charges you almost $800. But this amount is not fixed depending upon the circumstances.

Debugging Investigation

Are you feeling that someone is listening to you? following you? and Monitoring you every moment? Then contact us and we have a solution to your every problem. Trust us we will never use illegal devices and computer programs to investigate your matter. We only work within the premises of state and federal laws.

Surveillance Investigation

Integral investigation Sydney is a surveillance expert and having experience of about 25 years. Carrying out surveillance is the most accurate way to investigate the case and to have unresectable evidence. Surveillance is the legal avenue to gather the information we may get video evidence through factual surveillance which is quite supportable for your case.

Infidelity Investigation

With our professional private detectives we can easily find out your unknown partner, can easily track their movement, and collect their photos or video evidence, and the point to mention here is we guarantee our client discretion. We have different techniques to tackle your case along with our sister agency, we have lipstick investigation which quite obvious that it will truly work this is the reason we are Sydney’s largest agency regarding infidelity matters. We are truly a relationship specialist.

Internal Investigation

Integral investigation Sydney offers you internal investigation services too we all know that the world is now all internet if you have issues like harassment, dating site scams, or other issues like this you may contact us freely. We have internet experts in our agency to deal with your issues. From our services, your lost data can be recovered from your computer, tablet, or phone to collect evidence in your favour. Contact us to share your issue with us. We will surely have a solution to your problem.

Background And Asset Check Investigation

We work professionally in all services. For your background and asset check, we work thoroughly and efficiently. We have good experience in legal, business, and employment checks. These types of cases are dealt with and documented professionally.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud is the number 1 crime all over the world and its rate is increasing rapidly. If your information is true and is valid then we will investigate your case. For your case, we collect evidence that can’t be neglected legally so that legal appeals will be made to resolve the matter. Our fraud investigation service is available all over Sydney and around the world.

Family Law And Custody Investigation

Do you want to keep an eye on your kids, who are no more under your care? Do you want to see your children living happily or are tortured by someone? We may provide you evidence for this, for our private detective it is not a big deal to handle. And if you are stuck in your family cases so for all these cases we are here to help you.

Undercover Investigation

If you want to know what is hidden to you, you may contact us and we will make you know what is hidden and is undercover. We investigate the truth by our expert and professional detectives. We can help you with internal theft in business, drug-related activities, and others.

Liability Investigation

We have investigated many liability cases like company liability, private liability. public liability. And we will easily handle your liability case with expertise and integrity.

Criminal Investigation

To deal with criminals is such a sensitive case because it is the most complex situation to deal with. And we make sure that we use it to tackle these issues with careful investigation and it’s our specialty that we make our client satisfied with these all complications. We are having ex-police who are well-practised in these kinds of private investigations.

Unsolved Cases Investigation

Our investigator offers you personalized services for all cases. If the police are not giving enough help to you then don’t be worried we are here to serve you whenever you want. We will pick you up from where police leave off and offer you help without any hindrance.


Contact us through our number or email so that we formulate a plan to investigate your case. We frequently communicate with our clients in order to know the real status of their case. Call us with no obligations and free consultation in all regards because no job is complicated. We are waiting here to investigate your matter. We guarantee that you will find us useful for yourself.

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