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There are many reasons why individuals and companies seek the services of a private investigator.
The motivator for those seeking the services of a private detective is a question or the mystery. This question or mystery needs to be answered. We consider ourselves as the answer finders.


Here at Integral Investigations, we take great pride in offering personalized services to our customers. Whether you want us to keep an eye on people who you believe are engaging in suspicious activity or gather evidence through covert surveillance, we will make sure our services are in line with your specific requests.

Investigations such as these require skill, intelligence and greatest care. Our trained surveillance investigators carry out the task with respect and sensitivity so you can maintain your privacy. We offer you detailed reports of our findings in an easy format so you can survey all the evidence we have gathered. Don’t let anyone rob you of your peace of mind. Get in touch with the experts at Integral Investigations and take control of the situation.


  • Those handling with marital, private or family matters
  • Individuals who want to gather evidence to fight custody wars
  • Corporate matters
  • People handling worker’s compensation claims
  • Those worried by insurance-related matters
  • Employers who feel like their staff members are being dishonest
  • Individuals looking for people who have changed their address
  • Parents who want to eliminate doubts about their teenagers
  • People who are having issues with their neighbours
  • All others who want to make general or discreet inquiries

Our years of experience and the ability to find answers to queries sets us apart from other Australian private detective agencies. We employ highly trained and authorized private investigators throughout Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and Perth. We are always careful, professional and affordable!

Employing a private detective is sensible and effective. You need answers fast. We deliver, we work with a diverse group of customers who need answers to different questions. We have specialized services for companies and individuals. Integral Investigations has operatives with a range of skills who use high-tech surveillance equipment. We legally obtain evidence that unveils the answers to questions. Our field operatives always act with honesty, communicating effectively and maintaining confidentiality.

There are many reasons to seek the services of a private detective. Consider it an opportunity to learn the truth that you deserve. Make the decision today to find out the truth with Integral Investigations.

When choosing a private investigation or private detective agency in Australia, you need to know that the firm has a history of delivering reliable results and evidence. Many have the misconception that private investigators and detectives are hiding in the shadows and operating unethically or even illegally. That’s not how Integral Investigations works. We act legally and morally in all our investigations.

Integral Investigations employs a network of hundreds of fully trained and authorized private investigation field operatives in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and Perth. We are well respected and have provided quality results for companies and individuals throughout Australia. Always choose an authorized private investigation firm that has the ability to not only cover all of Australia but has international connections.


At Integral Private Investigators, we work hard to ensure that our quotes are always clear. The overall cost of your case will depend on the amount of work that is involved and the equipment we need to use. Thanks to our experience in performing investigations, we are able to provide accurate quotes once we have discussed the details of your case.

Hiring a Private Investigator in Australia is quite affordable and it is not a luxury just for the rich and popular. Integral Private Investigations offers one of the most affordable solutions for a private eye to discreetly spy on a person for you.

The cost can vary amongst firms, however, you generally pay $80 to $120 per hour for a private detective. Some will include the cost of travel and reports yet some charge additional costs. We do have slight surcharges for weekends and after midnight, however, they are not too onerous.

General surveillance rates commence at $125 per hour inclusive  mileage, travel time, video, report and regular updates. The hourly rate can increase for other field-based work depending on the specialty and tools involved. Of course the tax man takes a cut so we do add GST. A typical Surveillance Job will take 4 to 8 hours, however, sometimes they can be wrapped up in less than 1 hour and others can take days or even weeks. Often, our private investigators will confirm your suspicions on our first attempt and within hours simply by following the person from their home or work – it comes down to your timing as you select the surveillance periods based on what you know of the routine.

Video Surveillance also makes our task easier these days as we just film everything instead of taking photos. This allows us to obtain every slight detail without missing anything. Our private detectives use high-quality video cameras, dash cameras and special hidden covert spy cameras for those zoom-in moments. For a small additional cost, you can have access to all this footage. Thanks to the internet, it is emailed to you as a link which you can download so you will receive it almost at the moment.

Our Private Investigators are spread throughout Australia area so we can be at any location quickly. In some cases, we have had our agents at the spot within an hour.

Hiring a Private eye is now an easy process and it is not as expensive as you think. Are you ready to hire a Private Investigator?

Don’t delay, call us now for a friendly chat so you can get that peace of mind you need for closure, or just so you can move on in your life.


Costs vary from one firm to another, but we provide exclusive offers and expertise in this field at a very affordable price so that the services are available to the general public.


  1. HI.
    A couple of years ago, I was scammed, through my desperation of finding an apartment in Melbourne to rent. I unfortunately sent money to a person without first getting keys and lease agreement.
    Can you find this person through their old email address, license number and bank account details?
    I’d prefer contact via email.

    1. integralinvestigations

      I’m afraid private investigators aren’t a bypass of the privacy laws so accessing car registration details and bank accounts is not something we can do. Email addresses don’t usually come back to a street address per say and if it is not currently operating we would have to rely on the old headers in the email to give any identifying points. It will also depend on who the email supplier is – for example Gmail and Hotmail types of emails are almost impossible to trace because the headers track back to the head offices of those companies, not the person that actually sent them.

      So by the sounds of things you don’t really have enough information to find this person. If you have a name to match the bank account we may be able to work with it but it will depend how common a name we are talking about. There are a lot of unknowns when taking on an investigation – we aren’t selling you an answer, we are selling you an investigation. Often we solve things like this, but sometimes we don’t. The chance of success also depends on what sort of financial resources you can put into it – a job like this is near $1000 to start and we might need additional funds to push through depending on what we found on our initial searches.

      If this is something you’d like to look into further just email us directly at at any time

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