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Workplace Theft and Private Investigators

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Using An Investigator To Deal With Workplace Theft


In the workplace, there is a contract of trust between employer and employee, with each relying on each other to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty. However, this contract is not always honoured and it can sometimes lead to fraud and workplace theft from your business. If you suspect this is happening to you and you’re not able to prove anything, it’s time to call in a professional private detective .

The thing is, people can be really clever in how they commit fraud or workplace theft, with invoices, order books and other work-related documentation being falsified to cover up the illegal act. There’s only so much you can do to prevent this from happening, as employees have access to your systems in order to be able to do their job – however, this does leave a paper trail for a private investigator to follow.


Let’s Create a Scenario to Illustrate


Ok, so imagine the head office of a large company and the perpetrator is ordering various goods for themselves and not for business reasons. These goods arrive in the warehouse and they’re loaded onto the truck of their accomplice, only for those goods never to be seen or heard of again.

It could be that they sell the goods on and they swap the company bank details out for their own and voila! – fraud has been committed. As a business owner, workplace theft and fraud can be very costly from an emotional and financial point of view, so if and when it happens or is in the process of happening, it pays to stay calm and call a reputable private detective agency.

There are a number of questions that a private investigator  will attempt to answer once instructed and they include:

  • Is workplace theft or fraud actually happening?
  • How severe and widespread is it?
  • How do we get the proof we need?
  • How can it be dealt with without alerting other employees?
  • What does the law say about dismissal and defamation?
  • How can it be prevented from reoccurring?


The good news is that once you’ve gotten a professional private investigator involved, you’ve got considerable expertise on your side. With a full understanding of workplace law and the measures that can be taken, your private investigator will be able to steer you correctly, avoiding all those common legal pitfalls.

What’s more, the investigator will be able to use their specialist monitoring techniques and hardware to observe all the key areas of your business premises to keep an eye on what your employees are up to. Further to that, they’ll be able to dig into the technological paper trail to piece together a picture of what’s really been going on.


Protect Your Business From Workplace Theft With Expert Help


The great thing about calling in a private investigation agency to resolve workplace theft is that it gets the problem sorted out and stops your business losing money. Not only that, but it sends out a clear signal to the rest of your workforce that fraud and theft won’t be tolerated and when the person or people involved are given their marching orders, this message is reinforced again. A private investigator works much faster than the police or other authorities as they are there at your bequest and basically on your payroll. The investigator can stay for as long or as little is required on a case involving workplace theft.  Some assignments are solved very quickly because of the evidence that is collected, and of course some assignments can take longer whilst more suitable evidence is gathered.

So, if you think it may be happening to you, remember that there are professionals available to assist and if you’d like to know more about anything discussed here, you should check out our website at  Whilst there, you can find out about all the other ways in which a private investigator  can help with a range of business and personal matters.


Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to us directly about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to call us on 02 9460 4988, as we’re ready and waiting to help in any way we’re able to.

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