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Private Investigator Podcast – Eye Spy

Private Investigator Podcast - Eye Spy 2

Integral Investigations Leads New Private Investigator Podcast!

Have you listened to the new private investigator podcast yet? News Ltd has produced a new podcast series where they have selected a number of private investigators famous for their industry-specific niches of investigation.  Our very own David King, Managing Director of Integral Investigations, Lipstick Investigations, and Gold Coast Investigations, was the drawcard for this fascinating series of interviews.

David was selected to go first and grab the attention of the listeners with his outlook on one of his main areas of being a private eye.  Infidelity. Cheating. Spousal investigation. Call it what you will. David has been a private investigator for thirty years and whilst he didn’t target this area of investigation when he started, it certainly became a major part of his day. Other private investigators find it too hard to deal with the emotions that a client will usually bring with them when organizing these sorts of investigations, but David will take the time to listen to you and then organize your assignment accordingly. But let’s get back to the private investigator podcast.


Private Investigator Sydney David King

The Podcast Process


Due to COVID-19 lock-downs and the difficulty in traveling, David faced the interviewer via a zoom meeting but in the studios of NOVA in Brisbane – allowing for the high quality of recording needed for a professional podcast. After a bit of dressing up in production, the first episode aptly titled “Cheaters” was released around the country. And because David was first up, he was asked to help with the promotional aspect over the initial week of release. So there were television appearances on Sunrise on Channel 7, The Today Show on Channel 9, Studio 10 on Channel Ten of course, as well as the local Gold Coast news as he was trying to escape the Surfers Paradise studio of Channel 9 after talking to Today.  Then there were countless radio interviews around the country including 3AW and MMM to name but a couple.

And of course, as it was a News Ltd podcast in the True Crime segment, there were newspaper articles around the country including a full-page article in the Courier Mail. They are even advertising it heavily on television – many a time has the writer of this blog spat out his coffee when he saw David King’s head at the beginning of the advertisement for the private investigator podcast.

So if you have the slightest interest in this peculiar industry and would like to hear some great insights and stories from those inside the industry, it’s certainly worth having a listen to the private investigator podcast by following this link to

Approachable and Ethical Private Investigators


Now just because of this recent media attention, and all of the previous interviews and articles on Integral Investigations, Lipstick Investigations, and Gold Coast Investigations, it doesn’t mean David is not approachable. Believe it or not, he does not use a receptionist to answer the telephone – he handles every single telephone call himself. So you can be sure that if you ring with an inquiry that it is extremely likely that David will be the person taking your call. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry means you’ll get an honest and straightforward appraisal of your situation. A number of less scrupulous private investigators make promises that they just can’t keep just to extract money from your wallet, whereas Integral Investigations will give you an honest outlook on your situation at hand. We take small jobs and big jobs, and any in-between. We don’t take on everything though – some might be away from our area of investigation and we’ll be sure to give you an idea on who to follow up with – and some we just can’t do due to legal reasons – but that will become apparent at the initial consultation.

Whilst the private investigator podcast that David spoke on centered around cheating and infidelity, we investigate almost everything as far as investigations are concerned. We do anything related to physical surveillance including personal business and legal matters including workers’ compensation, background checks, online investigations, and locating people for all sorts of reasons. We have a great specialty in locating biological parents and adoptees, as you can see by our appearances on This Time New Year with Karl Stefanovic. You can view the videos of our segments on that show by going to our home page by following this link

How To Reach Us


So after you finish listening to the private investigator podcast series and you find yourself with the need to retain a licensed private investigator be sure to give David a call directly on his mobile on 0411 853 111   or email him directly at  and he’ll respond as soon as possible. He is here to help.

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