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female private detective

Female Private Detectives and Integral Investigations

Female private detectives are a necessity for any respectable private investigation firm. As many as 50% of our agents are women, and the main reason women make great detective is that the subject of an investigation is much less likely to be suspicious of a female – it is that simple. Our ladies are aged from twenty-three through to fifty-eight, and everywhere in between. They are of varying cultures, different socio-economic backgrounds, some are mums, some are not, some are methodical and some are sly – all these qualities make a great private eye no matter what gender they are.

Women investigators

Women investigators have exactly the same training standards as males, and have had similar life experiences so there is no reason at all why a woman can’t compete in this business. In fact, many women have done it harder through life than men, so their life experience can be far greater having experienced all sorts of situations. We have been in the industry for well over twenty years and have always relied on women to get the bulk of the work done – we would not have had the levels of success without their abilities and attitudes.

Female Private Detectives  Are Less Suspicious Than Male

Our experience has shown us that as a rule people are a lot less suspicious of a woman than a man. This helps nearly all investigations because the subject of the assignment is a lot less suspicious of our agent, and this in turn makes pretext inquiries and surveillance so much more effective, with superior results achieved for our client. If you are interested in a bit more depth of the human reasoning for why a female private detective may be better in many circumstances just click here for some interesting points of view

A Female Investigator might not be as suitable

Obviously there are some exclusions where a female investigator might not be as suitable. Imagine a group of guys are out for the night, wandering from venue to venue. The same female continuously seen in those circumstances would surely attract attention. We have been in this situation on a number of occasions – in fact on one assignment in the city CBD the male we were following actually approached our female private detective and offered to buy her a drink because she was sitting on her own. The same outcome would occur if we followed a man into a massage parlour – surely the female private detective would be more noticeable than a male when getting to the reception area. On the other side however there are examples of where a woman can get the results that a man just can’t. In recent times we were employed to ascertain breaches of intellectual property laws in the cosmetics industry and a female investigator was needed to make covert inquiries and make product purchases – so simple with a woman! On another occasion we had to go undercover and befriend a woman who was part of a wedding party – a male investigator wouldn’t have been able to get the result required, but our female investigator made it look easy.

Each assignment we take on is assessed by the Managing Director (sadly he is a male investigator)  and a suitable  female private investigator is selected to suit the requirements of the job at hand. Give us a call at any time on 02 9460 4988 for a discreet talk, or email us directly at We have office in Sydney and another on the Gold Coast and can easily cover work in those areas plus Brisbane and the Tweed.

8 thoughts on “Female Private Detectives”

  1. Suzanne Kathleen Smith

    Can you please follow up on my inquiries that I’m concerned about about my partner activitys

    1. integralinvestigations

      Hi Sue,

      We have responded directly by email to your inquiry relating to the need for a private investigator to assist with your partners movements.

      The Integral Team

    1. integralinvestigations

      Hi Jay,

      Yes we have female private investigators available in most regions. We can definitely help you with a female investigator in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. If this is something you’d like to discuss further just email us directly at and we’ll be happy to talk more about your case.

      The Integral Team

        1. integralinvestigations

          Hi Michelle,

          To our knowledge there are no female private investigators in Tasmania. It’s a very small industry overall and there are literally only a handful of licensed agents in Tasmania because there is not a lot of work to keep many investigators going. On the odd occasion over the last three decades when we have had a Tassie job for a female we have had to send someone from Sydney. If you’d like to inquire further just email us directly at

          The Integral Team

    1. integralinvestigations

      Hi Patricia,

      We will email you some contact details to talk to our operations manager – she’ll be able to assist with any inquiry you may have.

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