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Due Diligence Investigation – Integral Investigations

In the corporate world, the difference between making a wise decision and one that’s not-so-wise can depend on whether you conduct due diligence on your subject or potential business partner. To the layman, due diligence is the process of obtaining every bit of information you can to ensure that you’re making a good business decision and in this type of scenario, a private investigator can help ensure that total transparency is achieved.


The process involved is an in-depth one, during which full research is carried out in an unbiased way – made possible through a private detective being a third party in proceedings. The role of an investigator in this instance is vital, as it greatly reduces the exposure and liability a company has when entering any sort of agreement or contract. A private investigator will be given a file from their client and in many cases signed permission from the person being checked so that the investigator can look into their life and business. Some investigations of course need to be more covert and a signed waiver will not be possible. A private investigator still has many sources to research for a due diligence investigation so you should still proceed.  It’s just a bonus if the applicant / potential business associate has signed off on the investigation as then a whole new level of information access is available.


Due Diligence In Context


To put it into some sort of context, if a company is in merger talks, with one business looking to join another, agreement on the deal will typically involve due diligence being carried out by both sides. This will likely mean that associates, business partners, financial information and more are looked into, as well as any activity that might have any negative effect on the deal in question. An investigator will look into their history with previous deals or mergers, and individually of the persons concerned, so you know beforehand what you are dealing with when it comes time to join forces. Private investigation agency staff are so useful in this regard because they are able to use a wide range of effective techniques and methods to get the required results.


These techniques often include things like the following:


  • Forensic accounting
  • Background checks
  • General business searches
  • Asset searches
  • Mystery shoppers


This is far from all that a private detective agency  is able to do, but it does give you some idea about the kind of thorough, all-encompassing work that investigative professionals of this kind can do for the due diligence process.


Why Due Diligence Is Important


The vital nature of due diligence in business is obvious from a general sense, but when looking at the subject in closer detail, it becomes even more evident why the services of a private detective are so useful, as the process can confirm or uncover a variety of important information.


Such as:


  • Whether a company is abiding by industry rules
  • Understanding exactly who you’re dealing with
  • To build trust across the divide
  • To uncover truths that might become problems further down the road
  • Historical actions of the business or it’s office holders


Whether talking about domestic or international company mergers, a private investigator can make the information-gathering process so much faster, as a PI can do work in hours that would take someone untrained perhaps days or even weeks to achieve.


A Private Investigation Agency  Can Help In All Kinds of Ways


Due diligence is just one of many things that a modern day private detective firm can do for businesses and individuals across Australia. From finding missing people to helping landlords with delinquent tenants, the skillset of a PI has many uses and applications.


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