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Are you looking for private investigators in Sydney, Gold Coast Brisbane or other area within Australia? Integral Investigations have been established for two decades providing quality private investigators in all investigative fields. Our staff offers you a professional and discreet private investigation service. If you have a problem requiring our expert assistance in both private or business matters please call or email us ….. we can discuss your matter at no cost and when you are ready to proceed with your investigation, our highly experienced, fully trained and accredited staff will carry out the assignment in a professional and timely manner.

If your problem is legal or business related ~ or private and personal ~ we can help.

Integral Investigations was approached by the premium SBS news program INSIGHT, and was asked to provide expertise on all things relating to private investigators and infidelity within Australia. Click on the video link below to watch the show

The Managing Director of Integral Investigations (also of Lipstick Investigations and Agency99 Investigations) was invited to discuss all things private investigation. Some of the topics in this light-hearted but interesting discussion include infidelity, family law, surveillance and computer based investigation work that private detectives can carry out in Australia.

The Managing Director of Integral Investigations (sister agency to Lipstick Investigations and Agency99 Investigations) was interviewed by leading Australian current affairs show – Today Tonight. Employees who abuse the number of employer provided sick-days and make false workers compensation claims cost Australian industry billions of dollars each year. Integral Investigations have offices in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and can also organise trusted affiliate through the country. Click on the video link below to watch the show.

Integral Investigations has been able to source great new nightvision video cameras to assist with filming in the dark of night. Investigators have long struggled with getting decent results in the dark and now we have the equipment to turn night into day. Click on the example below to see what the camera sees! The frame on the left is filmed with the new nightvision camera – and the frame on the right was with the standard cameras we use. We sent my assistant down on to the jetty to pick up the bucket but he got down on to the wharf and couldn’t find the bucket in dark. See how clear it is to us from 20 metres away!

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Payments Accepted